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The Product

Body Graphics temporary tattoos are a combination of non-toxic vegetable dyes, a paper backing, a clear plastic cover and an adhesive glue similar to that which is used in a band-aid. The tattoo is applied using water to clean, dry and relatively hairless skin. 

Depending on various conditions such as skin type, location, friction, and application, the tattoo can last between 2 days and a week. Tattoos are waterproof but are removable any time with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

One extremely popular feature we offer free of charge:

a customizable backing

Although you can keep it as simple as a set of instructions and ingredients,
the sky is the limit!

We have used the backing for everything from games to coupons to maps. The advertising potential is unlimited.
Design them yourself or leave it up to us, the choice is yours!
To see some examples of our favorites

 click here!


The production and delivery can take up about a week or 4 before the tattoo will be at your doorstep.

Please keep in mind that while we can aim to have your tattoos to you by a specific date, it is not possible for us to guarantee an exact date of delivery. Temporary tattoos are printed with vegetable dyes which have extremely long drying times, and occasionally we require an extra day or two before we can ship out the tattoos. This is because tattoos shipped with wet ink appear to have drastically faded or blotchy colors, and are often considered to be of unacceptable quality.

When time is tight, please make your required delivery date perfectly clear to us so we can advise you best as to what your options are!if things really need to be faster get in touch!