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 Some design tips for making a great tattoo:


It's sad, but many people who are thinking of getting temporary tattoos printed up don't put enough thought into the design process. The fact is, the design is far more crucial than the tattoo itself in terms of advertising potential. Tattoos are more than just an ad for your company. Because they are applied to the bodies of your customers, your tattoos need to be fun and eye-catching. An excellent tattoo design will be the difference between someone applying it and taking it off shortly thereafter, or wearing it for many days, showing it off, and talking about it with anyone who asks. Here is a short list of recommendations that we've compiled based on our decade of dealing with temporary tattoos.


cutom samples of temporary promotion tattoos

1) Do it Iconic!
Time and time again, our customers have proven that iconic designs sell far far better than anything else. An iconic design can be defined as symbolic, a design which stands alone (ie without text). Design your tattoo around a general iconic image that is interesting, and you will find that many more people will wear it. Simply have a look through the many pages of our gallery for ideas!

2) Be cautious of corporate logos.
Unless you have a remarkably cool corporate logo, consider how uninteresting a generic corporate logo tattoo would be to people you might be giving or selling these to. Will they be excited enough about it to wear it on their body for days? Often times we end up recommending that our clients take any graphic part of your logo (the iconic part) and just use that as opposed to a the full corporate logo. Any detailed information can be printed on the backing for no extra charge. If you absolutely need the entire logo, consider placing it within some kind of funky design to increase the coolness factor. (And yes, we have templates!)

3) Beware of geometric shapes!
A hexagon, square or circle might be all well and good on company letterhead, but when you're putting it on a 3-dimensional body, remember that the shape will get twisted and warped by the movement and shape of the skin.

4) Size to your crowd.
If you are not going to be giving or selling these to a specific demographic, watch out for the size. Most women, and a fair percentage of men, do not want to wear a very large tattoo. We always recommend that if your demographic is vast, don't go any larger than 2.5" on any one dimension.

5) Size to be seen!
Be cautious when submitting designs that have a lot of fine detail, such as text. Skin is not smooth...it is covered with bumps, creases, hairs and wrinkles. When you apply a tattoo, it conforms to all of that...meaning that small details will often become impossible to read or even notice.

6) The realism factor.
If your goal is to make these look like real tattoos, consider the fact that a real tattoo would have a different color structure...there would be no jet blacks, whites, or brightly vibrant colors. They would also not be as sharp and distinct as a printed image would be. If you are after realism, let us know up front and we'll be able to advise you.

7) Don't be afraid to ask us!
Our business has built itself on creating the coolest temporary tattoos out there. We can always suggest ways to make your tattoos cooler and more popular, so if you have doubts, email the design on in for a free design appraisal...we'll make sure you get top-notch, popular tattoos every time!