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c511 schorpioen tribal tattoo  Popular uses for the free backing  c457 schorpioen tribal tattoo paper of the temporary tattoo:

The temporary tattoos come on a strong paper backing and this sheet can be used for different purposes.

The black print on the back is completely for free.

so, give it a brainstorm and find  how you can use this back to the best for your purposes.

often used ideas are:

  • adresses
  • phonenumbers
  • website adress
  • your own logo
  • or much much more....

below some ideas for the free backprint

(all picture, logo's and text must be in grayscale)

your phone number, adres or website can be added to the application instructions.

your name and adress plus a logo or picture.

pictures, diagrams, collecting cards....the possibilities are endless.

personalize your tattoo with your name and company.

an image alone without text can be visually interesting as well.

the application instuctions and ingredients of the tattoo.

maps to business or occasions are very useful on back.

tattoos are great for sport teams and school tournaments in which you can promote your team / school on the back.

whatever the tattoo size may be, we will accomodate the visual layout of the back.


 Tattoo Coupons:

Another idea for a backing is for the use of a (discount) coupon.
In this example the application instructions and ingredients have been moved to the bottom of the printed page so that the coupon can be placed at the top of the backing.
The front of the tattoo is made so that the tattoo images are the only places we put the tattoo adhesive.
This combination positions the images so there is no damage to the tattoos and allows the coupon to be clipped before it gets wet...thus giving you two promotional pieces in one.

tattoos on the front (coloured) and coupon example on the back (always grayscale!!!)