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a161 vlinder tattoo  Temporary tattoos are one of the most unique promotional products currently available. Ten years ago temporary tattoos were worn mainly by children and teenagers. Nowadays, due to factors such as the variety of available designs, printing quality, and mainstream acceptance of real tattoos, today's user is just about anyone!

There are many reasons why temporary tattoos are considered to be such an effective promotion and advertising tool. They are a product based on customized artwork and because of this, the creative options are endless.
This can be extremely beneficial when dealing with a specific group, as the they can be specifically catered to. Temporary tattoos create
walking billboards and are obvious conversation pieces.
...they may be temporary, but they always leave a mark!

Low  cost fundraising:
Temporary tattoos are an awesome fund raising tool for sports teams, schools and charity groups. The reason is simple: A tattoo which costs between 5 and 25 cents to produce can sell for anywhere from 1 to 5 dollars apiece. Imagine fund raising with a product that can be marked up by three thousand percent!

d135 zon tattoo


- Handouts at Trade Shows & Exhibitions
- Gifts at Parades, Weddings & Parties
- Inserts in Magazines & Advertising Kits
- Fund raising for Schools & Charity Groups
- Sports Team Pep Rallies
- Promotion for Bands & Small Businesses
- Body Art for TV, Movies and Photo Shoots

bodygraphics temporary tattoos

Body Graphics has been in business for more than 10 years. Our niche in the industry is that we focus not just on producing tattoos, but also working with you and your design to create something that the end user will find cool, and thus wear longer, and therefore increase the advertising potential. As with any promotional product, you benefit from creating something slick and stylish. And because it costs just as much to produce an awesome-looking tattoo as a mediocre one, why not let us work with you to create a design that your users would really be excited about wearing?